At the Acupuncture Wellness Centre we are passionate about health and longevity. We partner with you for exceptional health care specifically tailored to your needs. Here you can experience the extraordinary possibilities that acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has to offer.

Are you are suffering with pain, fatigue or anxiety? Are you just not feeling quite right? Let us help you get back to your best, drug free!

At the Acupuncture Wellness Centre we provide natural healthcare that works. Tested in time by the Chinese! Whether you have musculoskeletal pain, organ imbalance or an emotional issue, we offer effective solutions to many common and difficult health complaints. We treat the symptoms and underlying cause of your illness.

Many of our clients tell us that they have tried all types of treatment for their chronic condition. So they are pleasantly surprised how quickly their symptoms resolve with our treatment methods.

We provide the highest standard in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and diet to get you back on track quick. We understand that getting results quick is important. It’s important to us too!


Phone: (02) 6557 2005

112 Macintosh St Forster, NSW 2428

Hours: Monday  9am– 5pm.

Tuesday & Wednesday 9am-230pm

Thursday, 7am – 2.30pm