How many acupuncture treatments will I need?

As a general rule acute conditions usually resolve in 1-3 treatments. Chronic condition can often take longer with 5-20 treatments needed for full resolution. Our patients are often amazed by the reduction in symptom severity just after a fews treatments.


How long will I need to take Chinese herbal medicine for?

For conditions such as colds or acute sciatic pain Chinese herbal medicine is taken for a short time 1-2 weeks. For chronic conditions time varies significantly form 4 weeks to several months. With chronic conditions we often suggest lifestyle changes as well. If these lifestyle changes are met the duration of taking Chinese herbal medicine can often be significantly reduced.


Can I claim from my private health fund for acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine?

If you have included ‘extras cover’ with your private health fund coverage you will be able to claim Acupuncture and the Chinese herbal medicine consult. Unfortunately no private health funds cover the cost of the Chinese herbs. It is always best to call your private health fund to confirm the details of your policy.