Chinese herbal medicine is the pillar of Chinese medicine and has kept the Chinese race healthy for thousands of years.

Chinese medicine is different with its own medical science and theory, It takes an holistic approach to your health, meaning it’s not just interested in your main symptom but further subtle signs and symptoms. For this reason Chinese medicine is prescribed on an individual basis.

Chinese herbal medicine consists of plants, animal or mineral substances. Currently, there are approximately seven hundred different medicinals being used today. Each medicinal is selected to counteract disease or to influence a specific organ. Remedies can consist of a single medicinal but mostly consist of a formula of up to fourteen individual herbs.

Did you know many of the western pharmaceutical medications can be substituted with a safe herbal alternative without side effects? In fact, many drugs have a natural origin. Chinese herbal medicine is an ancient natural alternative to a range of modern illnesses.

With our comprehensive herbal pharmacy we prescribe the highest quality patent and granule herbal products. Custom herbal formulas are compounded on the premises to ensure convenience and a quality product.